The spiritual path is a transformative journey of self-discovery, inner awakening, and connection with the universe, transcending religious and cultural boundaries. The spiritual path involves introspection, meditation, and mindfulness practices, leading to clarity and insight into one's true self and purpose in life. Seekers on the spiritual path yearn for enlightenment and interconnectedness with all life, fostering compassion and empathy for others. Spiritual growth requires courage to confront inner obstacles and challenges, leading to personal transformation and evolution.

The Golden book

 This is a story about two sisters and a cousin living in the same house but in a different compartment. They are very close to each other one's name is Beatrix and the other one name is Bloom. they both love to read books they have a basement in the hiding wall once they are six years old they found the door and never tell anyone in their parents the time they spend mostly in the basement library hiding in the wall. they read all the books most of them .one day they got an invitation from their relatives they all have a get-together in her grandmother's house so they all go out on their horses 🐎. 

They have a great dinner and such a having fun Beatrix told their other cousins sisters and bother about their hidden library 📚 she told them how it's open and we spend time over there nobody believes her she got angry and decided she shows them Bloom's nature is very kind and soft she asks her sister why did you tell them. we never have to tell anyone but Beatrix didn't agree with her because she wants to prove her right so when they came back they decided to choose the jungle path 

But bBloomdidn't agree with them she said I see you in the house in the library and the others go to the jungle .when they pass the woods, Beatrix saw golden lights she follows the light and the other ones too they get off. their horses the saw a golden book hidden in the rock.

It was so shining when they came out everyone stare at the book they saw the evil reflection on the pages of the book they wander and touch the page the reflection get then into the book and the evil spirit came out. that evil forces get the place of the real ones many days ago bloom feels like their something wrong with Beatrix she asked to come to the library but the evil reflects doesn't know there is any library so she said no she also asked their secret code but she said I forgot then bloom get knows that something is wrong because the form when came from the jungle their demeanor different. She goes to the jungle what happened to them last week she identifies Beatrix's shawl near the rock she found that book all of a sudden an old man came and said to the bloom dear child once you open the book they locked yourself inside and came into the evil spirit the bloom asked him for help she said how did I get back any sister and the other ones the old man said that tied up your self with the tree then and found our sisters and bother but remember the link between you and tree not broke because once it broke you will also lock-in she agreed with him she tied up her self with rope and the other side tied with the tree when goes go inside she saw the river and her sister who sitting near a tree and her other bother sister too she tells them to grab the hand tightly and whatever happens never leave the hand all of sudden the storm came to try to break down back they came out from the book they destroy the book her ask from how did you know we a lock in the book and how do you know to help us she said that your evil spirit behavior weird and then I came here this old man guide me beatrix said which old man the old man was disappear she wonder but nobody bothering that this they came home after that this incident everyone life change. but Bloom still thinking about the link between the man and the book. 

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